Types of App

Are you ready for the mobile age? Let’s start to build the first mobile app for your business!

Blog / Magazine Mobile App

If you are a blogger or online media owner, you should know from Google Analytics that a large portion of visitors are from mobile, and this is the reason why you should build a mobile app to give visitors a better browsing experience.



Event Mobile App

No matter promotion events, competitions, or non-profit events, an event app not only gives participants a convenient way to get event information, but also a great marketing channel.

Membership Mobile App

With membership mobile app, you are able to push any news to your members, you don’t need to spend time and cost for making membership card, and you members don’t need to bring the card with them all day long, also you can accept payment in the app.



Product Catalog Mobile App

Building a mobile app for your product catalog, your customers can get the latest product information, as well as showing to their friends easily.

Mobile Shopping App

Over 1/4 online shopping transactions done in mobile apps recently. There is no doubt that building an mobile shopping mobile is an important step of your business.